Thursday, June 13, 2024

Sports and Physical, Spiritual Well-Being

Children should be encouraged to engaged in all kind of sports they want to pursue. The purposed is to Create a Citizen which have a Sound Mind, Healthy, Brave, & Strong Body. People who take social responsibility seriously, deligiently. 

The Educational System must teach the Real History of the Race, People and Nation. The heroism and Patriotism of its best nduvidual to immolate and be a guide or model. The Supremacy of Labor over Capital. Human Labor is the Most valuable Capital. The People are the "gold" of the Nation.

Human Rights is above the laws, & the interest of the State. If the State dont Protect and Served the Welfare and Well Being of the Racial Stock, that State is a Monstrocity and doesnt Served an Important Historical Mission. Most of the "democratic, republic, constitutional, monarchical, theo-religious, military junta", are all monstrocities State...

 Zeus or Ieus "The Way. The Truth and the Life?" This is Incorrect. 

In order for the Spirit to be reborn and incarnated into Flesh. There must be a MEDIUM (the WAY) for the Spirit to become Flesh. 

It's not thru "christ" This is false belief and wrong perspective. This is Corruption of the Circle of LIFE. Not the "truth."

Only thru the WOMEN'S WOMB could the Spirit be Reborn and Resurrected to be REALIZED into FLESH. (The TRUTH). If you don't understand this obvious fact. You're in limbo.

So LIFE was created thru the entercession of the Spirit with the Human body, the Biological Being into Flesh. 

The Complete Cycle from Spirit to Flesh is the completion of the Circle of LIFE thru the WOMB. (The LIFE).

THE Women's Womb is the only real Portal for Resurrection. Not Jesus Christ. This is false and Mental Trap...(AERO/ARRO)

Human Brain

When the Biological Body dies, the BRAIN had accumulated and stored all our life-time memories and experienced. Nothing was lost. The Spirit or Sou─║ stored everything for safe-keeping. 

When the Spirit came back to Life and became Flesh, it retrieved all the Experienced and Memories of our previous lives to relearn again, again and again. Death is a Human Construct. It was an agreed upon conclusion, Energy is transformed and can be Created. Never Destroyed. Humans as Sexual Energy is Immortal...

Immortal Spiritual Beings. Spirit is Never Born. It Exist for the Everlasting now. There is Nothing Eternal in Space Universe but Life and Existence. If Life is Infinite. No End. No Beginning. If Nothing Can't Exist. What is Left is Existence...

Friday, September 8, 2023


The Whole Space Universe is not Physics and Mathematics. 

Chemistree, Physics,  and Mathemetics are but only the language of Definition and  Description for Matters and Living Beings. 

But at the Center, are Energy and Spirit Beings, the Invisible Composition of Life.

Mass=Density×Volume. The Bigger the Mass of the Galaxy. The Stronger its Magnetism. The Stronger it Will Absorb, Add, Attract, Combine, Swallow other Smaller Galaxies. The More Energy it gains, the Longer will be the Life span of a Galaxy. I Love It Too. 

Now Our Galaxy is under the Aegis, Auspices of the Domain Expeditionary Galactic Force...


The Extra Terrestrials or the Immortal Spiritual Beings are not in favor of any religious denominations including the so-called "chosen people of god" on this Planet.

These religious grp are the remnants of the oppressive slave-owning autocratic regime with their GHQ on Planet Mars, which had been defeated a long time ago by Domain Expeditionary Galactic Force in this sector of Our Galaxy. The Message. Be Aware.

Keep on Spreading the Truth with Lightings and Thunderstorm...



We HATE secret society. Beware of their HIDDEN agenda. Beware of FALSE romises.

In the End opportunism and treason doesn't pay off. You destroy yourself by earning money from being a double agent for deception.  Which ever way you're Still the Bad guy, because You Doesn't have a Strong foundation for Your Personal Principle and Conviction. You are just a Pawn in a Tug of War.



Sports and Physical, Spiritual Well-Being

Children should be encouraged to engaged in all kind of sports they want to pursue. The purposed is to Create a Citizen which have a Sound M...